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The Finished Look


Tartek provides a range of driveway sealing and related services to Residential, Commercial and Local authority clients.  We have the expertise and experience to make life simpler and ensure your requirements become reality.

Hot Mix (Asphalt)


Liquid Asphalt is an oil based product found in nature.  When heated it becomes a thick syrup and acts as a glue or cement, to fuse assorted sizes of stone, sand or gravel together to make Hot Mix.  This happens under exacting conditions at a Hot Mix plant.  Before it cools completely the mixture must be laid and compacted for density and smoothness.


Hot Mix is a superior product for new, replaced and repaired driveways.  It is durable, easy to maintain and flexible.  There are several different grades of hotmix that can be used dependent on your requirements.


The life cycle of Hot Mix can vary based on several factors such as climate, traffic, base (ground work) and maintenance.  Using good design, proper maintenance and a solid base should provide many years of useful and good looking life.


Chip Seal


Chip Seal is a combination of Bitumen as a binder and gravel as the main structual component.  The chips (gravel) come in various sizes G6 being the smallest and G2 the largest.  Generally residential driveways use a combination of G4/G6 or G3/G5.


Two Coat Chip Seal (wet locking G3/G5) consists of spraying Bitumen followed by spreading and rolling of Chip.  A second coat of Bitumen followed by spreading and rolling of another layer of Chip.


Two Coat Chip Seal (dry locking) consists of spraying Bitumen followed by spreading and rolling of Chip.  A dry locking second coat of chip is then spread and rolled, without Bitumen.


One Coat Chip Seal consists of spraying Bitumen follwed by spreading and rolling of chip (different chip sizes available).



Continuous Concrete Edging can be laid in different profiles depending on the site requirements.  Ranging from high profiles that hold in raised lawns or gardens to mowing edges that are flush with the lawn and driveway for easy maintenance. 


Wooden or Timber edging also provides a neat and tidy finish at an affordable price.

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